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Politics, acting and sacrifice

Dear Editor:The right to be wrong and those who paid the ultimate price for us to do so.Once again, my family and I had a chance to enjoy a wonderful weekend of July Fourth activities reinforcing our decision to become full-time residents in Aspen some two years ago. This is the third Fourth of July parade that we have witnessed and it seems to improve each year. However, at this year’s parade, I was a bit dismayed to see the continued presence of a inline skater who elected to express his personal political beliefs on his white tee shirt. His message was “Bush War Criminal”. I couldn’t help but wonder what this young man’s motive was. I guessed his age to be about mid-20s. Was he sending a message to his father, who possibly works hard to give him his free pass in one of the country’s dream locations? Or possibly he is just dedicated to the privilege of one man-one opinion no matter how flawed. I finally settled on a more obvious motive. This man has aspirations to be an actor.Certainly, if Streisand qualifies as an expert on foreign affairs and Sean Penn contributes his wealth of knowledge on the subject of foreign policy to the leaders in Iran while Russell Crowe adds his unique approach to public decorum, then this chap naturally assumes that he can fit the bill as an irrational critic of the president.I know, he has the right to express his opinions as do all the luminaries mentioned above, but aren’t we entitled to a small peek into this young man’s accomplishments to date in his life so far? Isn’t it natural for our curiosity to wonder how broad and deep his body of education and knowledge is on this unfortunate war in order to be subjective about his message?As I was busy explaining all the nuances of the First Amendment to my two young sons, there was a decided increase in the volume of applause and banter coming from the crowd. I craned my neck and caught the first glimpse of my favorite part of the parade, as it turned the corner at Paradise Bakery. Row after row of our proud and honored veterans brought cheers from the crowd. Finally, I had the opportunity to explain to my boys a much better lesson: sacrifice.Sacrifices made so that our families can gather on such occasions, unthreatened save a wayward bee. I didn’t see our gliding inline skater again. Maybe his legs tired. As to my guess about the skater’s aspirations to become an actor, I rethought that as well and decided he was overqualified. He probably had a high school degree.I’m kind of old fashioned. I think second-hand political statements are just as obtrusive and hazardous as second-hand smoke. Of course, my views could be way off. Maybe I need a few sessions with a psychiatrist. I wonder if Tom Cruise is in town.Rod McClainAspen

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